What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent tea drink. It originated thousands of years ago in Northeastern China, Russia, or eastern Europe. We make ours with organic green tea, organic cane sugar and our SCOBY culture.

Where can I find 4Hearts Kombucha?

We are currently available on tap at a number of locations around Sandy: Breakfast in the Hood Food Truck, Boring Brewing Co, Bunsen Brewing Co, and Beer Den. We are quickly expanding -- stay tuned for more locations!

What flavors of Kombucha do you have?

We are currently producing 2 flavors. Our flagship flavors are Chamomile/Lemon Verbena/Ginger and Rose/Cardamom/Vanilla.

Is 4Hearts Kombucha Certified Organic?

While we use all organic green tea, organic cane sugar, and organic herbs, spices and flowers for flavoring, we are not yet a certified organic production. We are in process of getting licensed -- we'll let you know when we are!