Our Approach

Every 4Hearts batch of Kombucha is brewed in our micro Kombuchery in Boring, Oregon. We start with an organic green tea blend, organic cane sugar and our proprietary SCOBY culture. We flavor by infusing the booch with our favorite organic herbs, spices and flowers. We hand filter, keg, and can every delicious ounce. Our eco-friendly packaging means you can take your favorite flavor anywhere!

Meet the Team

We are a team of 4 friends, working together with our heart and soul to bring you the freshest, most delicious Kombucha around.


Ellie Johnson & Emilie Karas

Co - Founders

Partners Ellie and Emilie started producing Kombucha together about a year ago, after years of experience with other fermented beverages and food. They have been consuming and loving the health benefits of Kombucha for a long time. They also became fascinated with the brewing process and the science behind the drink; the ability to monitor and track it's fermentation process. This love progressed to sharing it with others: first friends and family, and now in the full business of 4Hearts!


Tina Douglas & Shane Douglas

Co - Founders

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